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Flash Flood Preparation and Safety Tips

Floods are the most damage causing natural disaster. A flash flood is dangerous and can cause significant damage to anything in its path. Flash floods can move large boulders, rip out trees, destroy bridges and cause rapid flooding in low-lying areas. If your home is near a river, pond or other source of water, it could be susceptible to a flash flood. The experts at ServiceMaster by Reed of Dania Beach, FL urge homeowners to recognize how to prepare for a flash flood and what to do during and after a flash flood occurs.

Preparing for a Flash Flood

Be aware of flood zone or flood hazard areas. Check the Flood Insurance Rate Map or FIRM from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to see if you’re living in an area prone to flash floods or other types of flooding.

When severe weather threatens or hits, pay close attention to the weather watches and warnings for your area. A Flash Flood Watch means the conditions are ripe for a flash flood to occur, while a Flash Flood Warning means flooding is imminent or already occurring in areas that are considered a flood hazard.

Prepare a flood disaster plan for your family and understand your area’s flood evacuation routes. If the authorities issue an evacuation, follow the recommended evacuation plan.

Prepare your home for a flash flood:

Prepare flood emergency kit. Include a First Aid kit, weather emergency radio, any medications family members or pets may need, bottled water, non-perishable food, flashlight, batteries, a multi-purpose tool, duct tape, and important papers including a phone list with numbers for your insurance agent, and family members. A water-proof tote is a perfect container for a flood emergency kit. For additional info, the Red Cross provides a complete list of emergency kit items.

Safety During a Flash Flood

What to Do After Flash Flood

After floodwaters recede and you’re able to return home, let the experts at ServiceMaster by Reed asses any damage caused by the flood waters.

With rapid response flood damage repair from ServiceMaster by Reed’s Emergency Flood Damage Restoration team, floors, walls, and personal property can often be restored to like-new condition.  Whether searching for advice regarding the flood damage repair process, or have general questions about flood damage repairs in South Florida, or services, ServiceMaster by Reed has the answers.

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