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Lightning Safety Tips in Dania Beach, Florida

Rainy weather can be relaxing, but thunderstorms also brings with them dangerous lightning, rain and wind that can cause significant property damage. The National Weather Service reports that lightning kills 49 people each year and injures hundreds more. Lightning strikes can cause lifelong neurological damage to some victims, which is why it is important to heed lightning safety tips and take precautions.

ServiceMaster by Reed has compiled a list of lightning safety tips to keep you safe and protected during a thunderstorm.


The safest place to be during a thunderstorm is indoors, but this doesn’t eliminate the potential for a lightning strike. On average, lightning has caused over 2,000 injuries in the past 50 years, and nearly one-third of these injuries occur indoors.

Indoors, lightning can travel through:

Protect sensitive electronic equipment by utilizing surge protectors or unplugging high-value items. Failing to do so could cause equipment damage or fire damage from a burnt appliance without a surge protector.


If you are caught outside during a thunderstorm, seek shelter immediately as it is one of the most dangerous places to be. If you cannot locate a nearby shelter, avoid getting struck by:

When Driving

Remain in your vehicle if a thunderstorm starts while you are driving. However, driving during a lightning storm has its dangers. Follow these tips to lower your risk.

If possible, it’s best to find a safe area to park and wait out the storm.

If Your Home is Struck by Lightning

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