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South Florida Mold Remediation Services

Licensed Mold Remediation Experts

ServiceMaster by Reed is a licensed mold remediation provider (#MRSR555) serving residential and commercial properties in South Florida. We are experts in the removal of mold and carry all the appropriate licenses and insurances to perform mold remediation in the state of Florida.

Water intrusion and high humidity can cause microbial problems if not addressed timely. Trust the ServiceMaster by Reed team to remove mold before it causes health issues including allergies and respiratory problems. ServiceMaster by Reed provides premier service in a sensible manner. Through proper containment and removal, residential and commercial properties are given a clean bill of health. We work meticulously, following written protocol to achieve thorough restorations and quick clearances.

To learn more about mold remediation services, call ServiceMaster by Reed at 954-922-2020 or connect with us online today. We will arrive in 30 minutes or less.

ServiceMaster by Reed Mold Inspection & Removal Process

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ServiceMaster by Reed offers free on-site mold inspections and assessments. We utilize InstaScope® airborne mold detection, a mold inspection instrument that provides real-time results, allowing immediate action if elevated airborne mold levels are detected. 

We work with nationally recognized testing facilities to provide mold inspection, laboratory analysis and written remediation plans.

To stop the spread of mold, ServiceMaster by Reed uses a variety of containment strategies including infrared detection technology, physical barriers, and anti-microbial agents to protect properties from future mold growth.

Disturbed mold spores become airborne. Airborne mold spores often lead to cross-contamination and escalate any situation. ServiceMaster by Reed uses HEPA filtration, negative air machines and other techniques filter affected air.

After containment is in place, mold damaged materials are removed. Often this includes the removal of porous materials such as drywall, upholstered furniture, carpeting, insulation, cabinets, etc. Our team uses HEPA vacuums, antimicrobial agents and high-tech equipment to completely remove mold.

ServiceMaster by Reed performs proper removal, bagging, and disposal of mold-affected materials.

Our mold remediation specialists professionally clean furniture, decorative pieces, clothing, and other items that are able to be restored using a variety of techniques and professional-grade products that clean thoroughly without affecting the material’s integrity.

Miami's Most Trusted Mold Remediation Company

ServiceMaster by Reed of Dania Beach, FL has restored over 2,000 properties throughout the last 20 years. Don’t wait for mold to cause structural damage to your property, or worse, an unsafe environment for your family and employees. Call us today to discover why we are Miami’s most trusted mold remediation company.

To schedule your free on-site mold inspection and assessment today, call ServiceMaster by Reed at 954-922-2020.


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